Sunday, April 26, 2009

WARNING: Highly Addictive Live Stork Cam

Live Stork Cam in Schrobenhausen, Germany

Click the link above to follow this stork family and you will be hooked. (I find it works best with Internet Explorer.) At this very moment there are eggs. The parents are taking turns incubating. The eggs should be hatching any day now. I will be checking in almost daily at noon and midnight (I am in the eastern US, storks are in Germany) in hopes I don't miss any major events. If they could just please zoom the cam in a little so I can see better... They usually do at some point in time but NOW would be nice. I admit it. I am hopelessly addicted.

You will watch the parents take turns feeding the voraciously hungry chicks. You will hold your breath (and even yell "GET BACK!!!" out loud) as a chick wanders dangerously close to the edge of the nest perched high on a rooftop. You will laugh at their antics as the chicks attempt to become airborne by using each other as a springboard. You will anxiously await the return of a chick that has gone off in search of his own meal for the first time. You will bid the family a fond farewell as they leave the nest, one by one, on their migration to Africa for the winter. You will await their return next spring and look forward to a new generation of a species in decline. Really, you will be hooked. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Information About European White Storks

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