Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Animal Rescues - Go Green!

Our rescue tries to be green, not just on Earth Day but every day!

Paper or Plastic?
Take along reusable canvas bags when purchasing pet supplies.

Line the Can
Use large dog food or cat litter bags that can't be recycled as garbage can liners.

Be a Litterbug
Switch to an environmentally friendly kitty litter.

Can the Pet Food
Put all empty pet food cans in the recycling bin.

Sweet Dreams
Sew up holes in dog and cat bedding to use over and over again. Those blankets and comforters looking like Swiss cheese? Cut them up and hem to make pads for the kitties and small dogs.

Trash a Fundraiser
Raise funds while putting unwanted items back to use. Hold yard sales and sell more valuable items on eBay. Sign up with companies that recycle cell phones, ink jet cartridges and used cars.

Recycle Pets
And last, but not least, not only rehome pets already in existence, but ensure they will not produce more pets by spaying and neutering BEFORE they are adopted.

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  1. hi, I like these ideas. I work for an animal shelter, Bideawee. I believe we are doing some of these things, that you mentioned.